Surgical Strike by India across LOC

Surgical Strike by India across LOC

Surgical Strike by India across LOC
Surgical Strike by India


As director general of military operations [DGMO] Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh announces about the surgical strikes by Indian defense forces across LOC killing 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers and destroyed 7 launch pads, a wave of emotions erupted on social networking sites, News channels and Administrations across borders. 

SURGICAL STRIKES - A Military attack which is intended to results in damage to the intended legitimate military targets and does not affect surrounding environment.

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As stated by DGMO in recent press conference conducting by Ministry of External Affairs [MEA], based on intelligence and credible information, Indian Army came to know about the terrorist teams positioned along LOC to infiltrate the borders soon. Indian Army carried out a surgical strike last night at these launch pads. A previous incident worth pondering was the terrorist attack on Indian Army Base Camp at Uri causing 17 Jawans being martyred. Since then, there was a tensed situation among India and Pakistan relations as India claimed that attack to be supported by Pakistani military.

Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh Surgical Strike
According to sources, Paratroopers from Special Forces were air dropped across LOC.
This operation was conducted within 500m to 2km across LOC between 12:30A.M and 4:30 A.M on 29th September 2016.

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Two days ago, Air Forces of both countries were asked to be on alert for any airstrike from counterpart. Same had also been discussed and focused in United Nations General Assembly [UNGA] by Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif and Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. India had initiated diplomatic tactics to isolate Pakistan on International platform. This Surgical operation may further increase the tension in relations across borders but it was very essential to make it very clear that we could also operate military operations with success and strike back powerfully. 

“Our Silence should not be taken as our Weakness.”

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