Free Google Products to use in your Blogger or Wordpress

Recommended Free Google Products to use if you are using Blogger or WordPress

If you are doing blogging then you very well known, What actually Google is?
Using Google products for your blogger is good strategy as it not only improves your SEO but also give you a chance to become popular easily within a short span of time.
Click on the name of the Google product to view the complete tutorial and article on that. 

I am only telling you those google products which i also use for my blogger. There are other free products of google also which are benefit for your blogger.
After reading this post I know it takes more than 3 hours to analyze all these products and to implement them on your site. These all products are essential for your Blog. I personally recommend you to use all these products and to implement them on your Blog.

Lets Start:


Many of newbies, Beginners or who start blogging recently don't know about this product. But In my opinion, this is one of the best GOOGLE Product to check analytics, stats of your site.

Google Analytics

If you are using Smartphone than that's awesome. Install GOOGLE ANALYTICS on your smartphone and check the TRP of your site time to time. There are many benefits of using it. It tells you many things like at which location (country), language your site is working best.

You feel board if you open Google Analytics site in PC (if you are the beginner). It's better to install it on your smartphone and get each and every stat of your site in your tips.
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Do you have a Blog or site? Go to GOOGLE and try to search for your content like I have done here "filehippo winrar" (filehippo is not our site, we just take it as an example)(see fig.).
What did you see? Is it similar to the search result that you have seen in the figure?

Webmasters Magic 

It's not an easy task to achieve search result like this. For this you have to know about GOOGLE WEBMASTERS, it will tell you how to optimize your site for best SEO.

Google Webmasters

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If you spend your precious time in Blogging then you very well know about this. This is what everyone wants (money) either it's beginner or pro in blogging. This is one of the best ways to legally earn money online by monetizing (Showing ads in) your content. But do you know Google Blogger get approved by Adsense easily via Youtube? If no then you must read this.

Google Adsense

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There is no doubt that you don't know about Youtube. This is not only a Video Site but also the best Platform to get popular in short span of time. Your video must be new, audio quality must be good. Your video content must be something unique.

Do not copy any video from any other channel or you have to suffer from Copyright action by Google.

Youtube PCMpedia

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If you want to make your site quite popular or if you want to physically locate your location (Maybe you will try to open a company or do a business with your site). So, why not to share your future company with public. Go ahead.  

Locate your business (location) on google. Verify your location. You are done. Now google will handle everything by itself. Relax.


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Google Feedburner is the best way to manage your subscribers. From here you can easily "Analyze", "Optimize", "Publicize", "Trobuleshootize" your blogger.

Google feedburner

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Check your site speed easily by Google PageSpeed Insights. It tells you about your site speed in mobile and in desktop both, User Experience and much more than that. 

Google Pagespeed insights


Why wait months for site code updates? Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags any time with a few clicks, so you never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity.


Google Search Console lets make you your own search engine via Google. You can add this search engine anywhere in your blog. Also, you can earn money with this. Google Search Console

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