How to get complete benefit of Google Analytics in blog or site?

How to get complete benefit of Google Analytics in Blogger, Wordpress or any other site?

Why is Google Analytics important for Blogger, Wordpress or any Website? As the name suggests it track mostly each and every activity of your website free which is very beneficial to you. Moreover, you can also do comparison which tells you hows your website working then and now.

In this article, we are going to share "How to get complete benefit of Google Analytics in Blogger, Wordpress or any other site?"
NOTE -: I personally recommend you to use Google Analytics Android app, that's the best app to view and track your websites performance.

Google Analytics allows you to keep track of:
  1. Real-time users on your site

"Users right now" are real time users. These are the users that are surf your site at that moment when you open Google Analytics. (see fig.)


  1. Who visits your site (Audience)

Every Owner of the site wants to know who visit your site. So, google analytics is the best tool which gives you the complete overview of who visits your site. Not enough for you? Ok. No Problem. But if I tell you that you can track your users by "Language", "Browser", "Network", "New vs Returning", "Mobile Devices". That's really amazing. I also use to daily open my site Analytics and check daily stats of my site.

  1. How much time users spend on your site (Session)

This is also a very important part of analytics. By knowing this that how much time users spend on your site you can improve the duration for which users stay on your website. (Like you can embed video from youtube) to stay user for more time on your site.

  1. Where did they arrive on your site from (Referrals, Social link, organic search)

Users can arrive on your site from any source either its social media, organic search, or any referral. Google analytics keep track of this also which is useful in many ways. It tells you whether your site has a traffic from Keywords, social links, referrals or not. "Keywords" I hope you heard this word before. Because keywords are those words which are used to impress users and to attract them to your site. They play a very important role in SEO. Use good and popular keywords in your articles. Share your content especially on facebook, twitter and Google +.

  1. What users do when they are on your site? Where do they click the most?

Curious to know about this? Yes, I know because when you publish a new good quality post and didn't get that amount of traffic which you excepted. Then at that time you think to track your user's activity. If they visit your site then how to make High-Quality Post visible to them. Track where they click the click the most and make more links (referrals) on that particular post.

  1. Track at what time there is Spike in visits.

In my Blog, there are the maximum number of users visit is in between 10 pm - 11 pm. you can also keep track of these activities by simply installing analytics to your site. The best time to publish a new post is that only when there are the maximum number of users on your site.

How to Setup Google Analytics for the first time?

Step by step Guide on How to set up google analytics for Blogger, Wordpress or any other site.


STEP 1 : First you have to "SIGN UP" with Google analytics (after sign-in with the google account).


STEP 2 : Now you are prompted to choose between Website and Mobile app. Choose website from here and fill the form with required details (as shown in fig.). There is nothing to be explained in this page.


STEP 3 : After entering all the required details click on "Get Tracking Id". Accept the terms and conditions of Google Analytics by clicking on "I Agree" button.
 STEP 4 : Now you are presented with the Tracking Id. Copy that ID (UA-XXXXXXXX-1). Don't close this page. You have to revisit this page afterward also.


Now you have successfully generated Tracking Id for your site. Now what we only have to do is to paste this tracking Id on our site, and we have done. :) :)


How to Install Google Analytics in Blogger?

STEP 1 : Login to your existing Blogger account.
STEP 2 : Choose your blog name and move on to dashboard.
STEP 3 : Click on Settings -------> other --------> Google Analytics


STEP 4 : Now, go back to Analytics page and wait for some time (minimum 1 hour) to take effects.

How to Install Google Analytics in Wordpress?

STEP 1 : Login to your existing Wordpress account (Only for Self - hosted account, not for free WordPress blog).
STEP 2 : If you are beginner then I suggest you use a plugin (Google Analytics by MonsterInsights) to not to be confused with WP coding.
STEP 3 : Authenticate your Google Analytics with this plugin. Done. Now it will help you to track everything which is going on your site.

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If you have any query regarding this, feel free to comment down or contact us at any time. (Free of Cost)

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