How to setup Google Webmasters in Blogger or Wordpress Site?

How to setup Google Webmasters in Blogger or Wordpress Site?

In the previous article, I have discussed what is Google Analytics? How to install it in your Blogger or Wordpress Site? What are benefits of Analytics? How to track your site with analytics and many more things.
So now, this time, I am going to discuss "How to Setup Google Webmasters (now known to be as Google Search Console) in your Blogger or Wordpress site. What's the magic of Google Webmasters?"

So before starting tutorial on how to setup and install Google Search Console on your site I would like to tell you what does it do for your site so that you can easily familiar with it.  

Google Search console have tools that let webmasters to :
  • To improve Search Appearance of their site.
  • To maintain the Search Traffic of their site.
  • Google Indexing their site.
  • Crawl their site.
  • Check for security issues.
  • View Other resources
  1. Search Appearance

I think this is the most important part of anyone's website. How your site to you doesn't mean everyone has the same view about your site. From Search Appearance, you have various options to increase your site readability to users. It improves how your site searches by google.


These are the following options that are under Search Appearance:
  • Data Structure: If your data is in a structured way then it easily understands by search engines which improve your site ranking.
  • Rich cards are very important if you are using your site to review something, or if you are planning to organize some kind of event.
  • With Data Highlighter, you simply "tag" each data field with your mouse. Then Google can present your data more attractively, and in new ways, in search results.
  • If your site needs HTML improvements it will also show you that.
  • Sitelinks are automatically generated links that may appear under your site's search results.
  • There is also one new feature that is Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP are an open-source initiative to provide web pages that load fast and look good on mobile devices, even over slow networks.

  1. Search Traffic

There are many options under Search Traffic such as Search Analytics, Links to your site, Internal Links, International Targeting etc.. Most of them are which shows you analytics of your site. But from here only you can Target you site to a particular country (Ex. - India). which increase you CPC, RPM (if you are using Adsense) etc..

  1. Google Index

Google Index let you know what's the current status of your site. In this tab, you will find Content Keywords which shows you popular keywords of your site. [Recommended to use google analytics to track your site activity].

  1. Crawl


This comes to be the most important part of Google Search Console. You can do various advanced activities from here.
  • Fetch as Google: If you want to know how Google sees your website with Googlebot then you must use this tool.
  • robots.txt tester: A robots.txt file is a file at the root of your site that indicates those parts of your site you don’t want to be accessed by search engine crawlers. (Not to do any experiment with robots.txt if you are not sure what you are doing).
  • Sitemaps: Submit your sitemap (/sitemap.xml) to google so that it can find your URL and shows them in the search results easily.

  1. Other Resources


Miscellaneous tools of Google Search Console are available here.
  • Google Stuctured data testing tool: Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to check that Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results.
  • PageSpeed Insights: I recommend everyone to use this tool for testing your site speed and User experience.
  • Custom Search: Make your own Search Engine with Google.
Note: There are more tools also in Other Resources which i have not mentioned here. You can check them yourself.
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How to setup Google Search Console (Webmasters) for your Blogger or Wordpress site?

STEP 1: Visit Google Search Console official site.  
STEP 2: Click on Add Property Button on top-right side of the window.  
STEP 3: A window will appear to enter the URL of your site. Enter the site URL there.
 STEP 4: After entering URL of the site you are prompt to Verify the ownership of your site. STEP 5: The most important step.  

For Blogger -:

To verify your Blogger in Google Search Console. Follow these steps:
A) Continuing with the above process. Since you can't upload any file to blogger you have to use "Alternative Method" to verify ownership of your site. (see fig.)


B) Choose "HTML tag" as your verifying method. C) Copy the meta tag and paste this code anywhere in <head> section of blogger template.
Login to your blogger existing account -------> Choose your Blog ---------> Click on "Template" -----------> Click on "Edit HTML" --------> Paste this code anywhere between <head> and </head>.
D) Again back to Google Search Console webpage and click on "VERIFY".

You have successfully register your blogger with Google Search Console. Now you can do various activities which are described above.

For Wordpress:

A) Continuing with the above process. Choose "Recommended Method" and download the meta tag file.
B) Upload that file to your wordpress self-hosted site (not for free Wordpress blog) (go to cpanel of your site ------> Click on File manager ---------> choose public-html directory ---------> upload downloaded file there).
C) Again back to Google Search Console webpage and click on "VERIFY".
Please note: Add your blogger with both www and without www in Google search console to get complete report about your blogger or wordpress site.

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