I hope everyone knows what TALAQ means.
Here we are talking about Triple Talaq.
What is Triple Talaq? 
It is a process of divorce in Islam. According to it, any Muslim husband could divorce his wife merely by saying ‘TALAQ’ word three times to her.
Methods of Triple Talaq? 
Shia and Sunni Muslims have different methods/ways for performing Talaq/Divorce. 
Some Sunni Scholars says that there should be a period of 3 menstrual periods for women between each word of Talaq. It is considered as a waiting period and a couple is supposed to reconcile in that time. While other Sunni scholars suggested the practice of Triple Talaq is wrong practice but acceptable. 
Shia's do not practice the concept of verbal Talaq, they practice ‘IDDAH’ (waiting period), which is considered as the possibility of the couple to reconcile. In Shia's, at least two witnesses are also required for commencement of Talaq. 
In both cases, the husband is not bound to give any allowance to the wife but takes responsibility for expenses of children until they grow up. Husband is liable to give Dowry (mahr) back to his wife, which was given to him during the marriage and before intercourse occurs. 
However, women can also initiate divorce process but it is rather more formal. Islamic law does not provide a rule for splitting of husband’s asset among couples. This system reflects the male dominating society of the world.

Reference in India

Most important is Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum commonly known as Shah Bano case (1978). Mohd. Ahmed Khan divorced Shah Bano Begum and exiled her and children. She was an educated woman and well awarded of her rights. She filled a case against her husband and Supreme Court of India awarded the right to alimony (spousal maintenance) from her husband. This case gathered huge media attention and become a national issue. Extremist Muslim leaders opposed the decision and suppressed this law of central government. In pressure, central govt. of India through the powers of Indian Parliament reversed the judgment. An act passed by govt. states that husband will pay alimony for ‘IDDAT/TALAQ’ period only. This act was criticized by feminist society. After few years and a very long discussion and legal, fight Supreme Court extends the alimony period for a lifetime until the wife is remarried.
Current Scenario
Since the NDA led central government began discussion on Uniform Civil Code. It aims to provide single and only one personal law for each and every citizen of India. It will abolish heavily controversial acts of different personal laws. Triple Talaq is one of them. Some Muslim leaders are projecting themselves as the keepers of the complete Muslim community. While many Muslim woman’s interest organization are against these types of devils (Triple Talaq) of Society.

Points to Ponder
  1. Around 22 Muslim community majority countries had abolished Triple Talaq.
  2. Triple Talaq is just like Sati, which shows the male dominating patriarchal societal nature of community since ages.
  3. Some organizations are opposing it, as they fear that it will abolish the male domination and establish an equal standard society.
  4. With equal society/standard, crimes against women will reduce definitely.
#All rest on the education and wise sense of reader.

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