Traditional life VS Modern Life

Traditional life VS Modern Life

Traditional life VS Modern Life
Traditional life VS Modern Life

Do the modern living had really raised our lifestyle as compared to traditional life? 

This question or vice-versa of this is a highly debatable question and cannot be answered without taking into account the pros and cons of both the forms of societies.
Traditional society shows its value and worth of its traditions and its long cherished culture and norms, on the other hand, modern society is proud of its amazing technology and devices.
The man is a Social animal and with the passage of time, he had adopted different norms, culture, and trends. This process of adopting newer norms, culture and trends are continuing today also, leading to the formation of the modern society and leaving traditional society behind.

  • Both the societies have their own woes and setbacks so it is a tough task to select a better one. While the modern societies enjoy all the well-equipped devices on the cost of science and research and living a so-called leisure full life. However, it is not such with traditional living. Now if we see the things from a more close point it seems that in present modern society we are dependent on the instruments and search for another software or apps or gadget, etc. to do our work. Knowing that no device is too liable to be believed upon. For ex. Your Hard disk or Pen drive no matter how much costly it is, it can crash anytime, or may stop working with facing just a small jerk and the man dependent on it get completely screwed.
  • Let us take another point of medical sciences. We say that we had developed very much in this field. However, as per the stats, the world is facing the most number of diseases in modern time. With a control over single disease man in present time, give rise to hundreds of new diseases. The restful way of living life has given gifts of obesity, diabetes, BP problems etc. The memory of devices is increasing day by day and that of human is decreasing. The condition is now too terrible that more than half of us do not even know our self-mobile number. i.e. we had got dependent on the devices in most works.
The modern society although equipped with all that science has to offer to mankind, has lost the morals, ethics and the emotions of love and brotherhood that distinguished them from the other animals on the planet.

  • Though there are many evils in traditional cultures, many are being reduced or irradiated by modern society but new evils are also developed. With the trend in technology, the man had lost control of its life. Many got addicted to PC games, many to Facebook etc. In traditional society, they could not communicate on cell phones or chat on Facebook and were not so over-busy with their schedules and monotonous routines that they tend to hide from each other by going invisible on chat rooms!
  • The Internet is used for passing time at home, with the support of obscene art and social media. In the other sense, the man had forgotten the importance of basics of life. Take an example, they do not know how the potato is growing. In Modern time, the outer presentation had been of so much importance that the farmer is selling potatoes at the rate of two rupee per KG. Moreover, the chips of the same potato are selling over 500 Rupee per KG just due to packing. Suicidal cases, depression, stress, etc. is at the highest peak of human history.
  • One more thing that I want to mention in this is that as per the stats the harm created by nature in past 200 years of modern society is much more than the harm caused to it in past 5000 years of human existence. The thing that can be concluded is that the modern time may be far better but only if the technology is used in the correct way. The ammunition is used for the self-safety not to show off power. Internet, mobiles, devices, etc. are used only if needed. The life should not be dependent on technology then only we can say that we have developed.
However, as all these things are far away so traditional ways of living is better. Now many had come to know this and they had switched over to traditional ways of living.
Simple food, simple clothes, and distance from devices and technology.

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