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Uniform Civil Code

Uniform civil code as the name suggests is a code/law/proposal that brings uniformity among the civilians. Once the uniform civil code is enforced than the customs of each religion are replaced by the common set of rules as set by the government for every citizen. In Indian constitution, Article 44 of the Directive Principles defines Uniform civil code as the duty of the state. The Demand for Uniform civil code was first put up by women activists to get equal rights in society. Though the Demand had arisen many times, Prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru also favored it but due to opposition in Parliament, the bill was never been passed. As per him, uniform civil code was a necessity of the whole country but he thinks some communities might not be ready for such a reform and may oppose it. Thus, his vision for the uniform civil code was added to directive principles of the Indian constitution.

Uniform civil code is needed to give the sense of equality to all the citizens of the country. In such a time of Globalization Uniform Civil Code is a demand of time and should be enforced across the country. The different relaxations that each community enjoys just because of the absence of uniform civil code will be finished and all citizens will live under a same set of rules. The work of Judiciary will also get easier and better with uniform civil code. Besides Prime Minister Jawahar lal Nehru, many other great peoples had also favored the demand of Uniform civil code. President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had also supported the need for uniform civil code. Recently in Oct 2015, Supreme Court of India also supported the need for uniform civil codes saying, “This cannot be accepted; otherwise, every religion will say it has a right to decide various issues as a matter of its personal law. We don’t agree with this at all. It has to be done through a decree of a court”.
Goa is the only Indian state to have a uniform civil code enforced in it.

Due to Political issues of vote bank, the uniform civil code is being opposed because in a way it suppresses few of the rituals and customs of many communities. Mainly congress and All India Muslim personal law board oppose it while Bhartiya Janta Party and the left supporters are with the Uniform civil code. According to the opposing bodies, the uniform civil code is evidence that Hindu values would be imposed over every Indian. This is because all India Muslim personal law has many conflicting rules in it over marriages, divorce, girls right, etc which are not accepted in general by everybody. 
Like the oral divorce system (Triple Talaq) in all India Muslim personal law is a major part of the conflict. Such rules not only a threat to women but also become a matter of concern for the judiciary as it becomes confusing for them also. The all India Muslim personal board member recently said, “All communities have different customs and traditions. Our Constitution accepts that. It’s a dangerous idea to treat them with a single yardstick”. This clearly indicates that Muslims do not want to give up their traditional ways of living so they oppose it. Moreover, the political parties that have major Muslim voter in it have to match their voice with their vote bank.

Need of Uniform civil code in India
  • It will help in no discrimination with any one. no matter to which religion background a person belong.
  • India's population is increasing at great pace. So its good time to implement uniform civil code.
  • India being such a huge country with so much diversity really needs one civil code. It will give every Indian one law.
  • one law will addresses many confusions over many laws. It will help make the system more simpler.
  • There is increase in the inter cast marriages. It will help boy and girl to get same benefits irrespective of religion.
  • Uniform civil code will have provisions related to current situations and requirements. It will give chance to review old laws.
  • It will give equal rights in marriages, adoption, divorce, and succession for all women irrespective of religious laws. Some people feel that they are not covered in old laws.

Few of the recent Statements on Uniform civil code 
“Muslims have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country and they were leaving peacefully by following their traditions. The Modi government is trying to sow the seeds of an internal war and hatred” Arshad Madni, head Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind. “The UCC is not good for this nation. There’re so many cultures, they have to be respected.”Rehmani, the general secretary of the All India Muslim personal board.

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