Yoga in Brief. What? How? Why? on Yoga

Yoga in Brief. What? How? Why? on Yoga

Yoga Hariom Ashram

  • What is Yoga?
  • How to do Yoga?
  • Why there is a need to do Yoga?
  • What are the benefits of doing Yoga?
  • How is Yoga changing its meaning nowadays?

To get the answer to all these questions you must know the meaning of Yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means ‘to add’ or ‘to sum up’. Talking about the actual meaning of yoga – ‘ yoga is the meeting of our soul with the supreme divine power of the universe.” Although there are many other definitions also but the final meaning of all the definitions is mentioned in above definition.

Although nowadays Yoga is being watched as just a physical exercise, but yoga is much more than that. Physical exercises (Aasans) are the initial part of Yoga to command over the body. Once the body is externally fit then only the inner spiritual cleaning could take place. Yoga enhances the immunity of the body, and yoga has the power to cure nearly each and every disease.


As per today's science that says that humans only uses 5-7% of its brain. Yoga is also the way to utilize your brain up to limitless level. The enormous power and energy that lies within us can be explored by yoga. A part from spiritual benefits yoga has immense benefits for the common man also.

Yoga does not belong to any religion, caste, creed, race or country. It’s a purely scientific way of self-realization. In some parts it includes some Sanskrit mantras so worldwide there is a tendency that it’s a Hindus traditional practice, but this is not true. It’s a universal practice and anybody can take benefit of it. The only mandatory thing needed for the practice of yoga is ‘strong self-determination’. Once you are determined than nothing is hard.

Yoga focuses on all the aspects of the body. Both materialistic and spiritual component of a human are taken into account and a long practice will take you to the goal of self-realization. There are many Maharishis who had given a systematic method for practice to attain the goal. Different methods have a slight difference between them.
Like Maharishi Patanjali give a 8 steps method for Yog in his yog epic ‘Patanjal yog sutra’, similarly
Maharishi Gherand gives a 6 steps method for Yog in his yog epic ‘Gherand Sanhita’, and many more are also there.

The initial focus lies on the purification of the body from various pollutants. After this slowly and gradually the inner evils like anger, greed, etc are mastered. Once the thoughts get zero in the mind the person is very near to his goal. But this is not so easy as it seems to in above two lines. Many obstacles come in between which are needed to by overcame by the strong determination.

So what we conclude:
  • Physical exercises(known as Aasans) are just a part of Yoga.
  • Yoga can Increases the efficiency of brain to limitless level.
  • Yoga can cure each and every disease and body problems.
  • It’s the only way to self-realization.

SOURCE | PCMpedia (Official Site) & Hariom Ashram, Dehradun

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