Different Reaction of Different Religion on same situation Uri Attack

Different Reaction of Different Religion on same action/situation #URI ATTACK

Soldiers in Jammu & Kashmir #Uri attack
Soldiers in Jammu & Kashmir #Uri attack

Action/Situation -: Recent terrorist attack at Uri which resulted ending lives of 17 soldiers and creating miseries to their respective family and guilt/shame/anger for remaining 1.25 Billion citizens of India.
Since India is a country with huge diversity it also has diversities in religion also. And diversities in the mindset of people.

So here we are going to describe the reaction of different types of people on above situation.
Orthodox Hindu -: The reaction of this group of people is quite common and similar to that of close friends and relatives of these 17 Soldiers.
They straight away demand “Blood for Blood” with zero tolerance they may clear Pakistan if left free by law. They are the one who has maximum tendency to give up their lives for the country or you may say that they are the one with Hottest Blood.

Orthodox Muslim -: Their status is quite complex. They might criticize the act here & there but the level of aggression does not arise in them as they hear of the situation. They still have some sympathy for those Muslims terrorist too.

different religion
different religion people

Other Religion-:

Buddhism -: It won’t matter to them much till they are safe. Moreover according to Buddha’s 10 Mahavratas – Buddhism follow ‘Ahimsa’. So they hardly could say anything. As even thinking of revenge, there ‘AHIMSA’ principle would be violated. Moreover, as per them, it’s an INDO-PAK fight, nothing to do with them. At max. They can pray for the goodwill of those 17 soldiers and give some spiritual ‘PARVACHAN’ (Lecture) to the terrorists.

Jain/Christian/Minor Religion -: For all of them it’s just another incidence. They all can just criticize it, give their 1-2 suggestions to PM MODI and continue to their daily life. The wound might be deeper if any soldier of their community gives up its life.

Negative Diplomats/Politicians -: This is the worst group of people. Irrespective of the situation they will more focus on their benefits and their party. They will run their mind here and there to get the benefit of this situation also. So by giving a cheap comment on army they will try to come in the news or by visiting the family of SC/ST/Minority class army officer they will try to get the sympathy of minority people first.
Moreover, they will be abusing the resulting party for the current accident. They are the only one to evoke the extreme feelings in a particular class of people whether they are orthodox Hindu/Muslim or any. These are the most dangerous people of society. 

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