What are the Problems of JAMMU & KASHMIR with POK

What are the Problems of JAMMU & KASHMIR with POK

After reading this article you came to know that-:
  • What are the Problems of Jammu & Kashmir?
  • History of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • What is POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)?
  • What is Instrument of ACCESSION of JAMMU & KASHMIR to INDIA?
  • What is AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act)? 

Now start with the History of Jammu & Kashmir

  1. On 15th August 1947, when INDIA got their freedom, JAMMU & KASHMIR decided to remain, Independent, it means initially it was neither the part of INDIA nor PAKISTAN.
  2. At that time also there was a majority of Muslim Community in Jammu & Kashmir and the KING was HARI SINGH who is Hindu by Religion.
  3. Eventually, the AZAD KASHMIR FORCES supported by PAKISTAN army attacked the Frontiers of the Jammu & Kashmir.
  4. Now, the Maharaja HARI SINGH, the ruler of Jammu & Kashmir decided to accede the State to INDIA to defend them from PAKISTAN.
  5. They surrendered only three subjects (Defence, External Affairs, and Communications) to the DOMINION OF INDIA.
  6. INSTRUMENT of ACCESSION of JAMMU & KASHMIR to INDIA was signed by Pandit JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU and Maharaja HARI SINGH on 26 October 1947.
  7. At that time Govt. of India made a Commitment that the people of this State, through their own Constitution assembly, would determine the internal Constitution of this State and the nature and extent of Jurisdiction of Union of India over the State and until the decision of the Constitution of India could only provide Interim arrangement regarding the State. 
    POK (pakistan Occupied Kashmir)
    POK (pakistan Occupied Kashmir)
  8. When India on request of Maharaja HARI SINGH send their army, till then PAKISTAN supported Azad Kashmir forces had already illegally acquired a large part of Kashmir which we now call it as POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and Pakistan refers it as Azad Kashmir.
  9. India takes this issue to United Nations Security Council. UN after investigation passed a resolution in which there are 3 conditions.
    • First of all, Pakistan had to evacuate the occupied Kashmir.
    • Then India also had to withdraw troops, India could retain troops to some Extent.
    • Then a Referendum would take place under UN in Kashmir. In which they have the option whether they want to remain in India or in Pakistan or want to be Independent.
    But Pakistan had not evacuated Kashmir till now and even accelerating the movement of separatist in Jammu & Kashmir.
  10. After some years, In 1962 in Indo-China War, China had also occupied some part of SIACHEN (Leh – Ladakh) now we call it as AKSAI-CHIN.
  11. Later, Pakistan gifted some part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) to China.
  12. Due to the unusual activities by Pakistan and undisturbed public order. India had implemented AFSPA (Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts).
  13. Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts (AFSPA), are Acts of the Parliament of India that grants special powers to the Indian Armed Forces in what each act terms "disturbed areas”.
  14. Wanted terrorist and separatist forcefully lives in a house of Kashmiris. When the army came to know it, they run search operations and interrogation. In this process, some innocent Kashmiri Youth might get harassed up to some level (as reported by Human Rights Officers). It is somewhat like, (गेहँु के साथ घुन भी पिसता है।)
  15. This process of Interrogation and Searching by Defence forces was at its peak in 90’s. Thus youth grew up in that environment, nurtured by the hatred by separatist and have anger towards India. So they protest.
  16. In all this happening the Separatist and terrorist got their way in demanding AZAD KASHMIR and all that.

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