Kruti Dev to Unicode Converter

Kruti Dev to Unicode Converter

Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter

Do you also want to make your website in Hindi? But can’t make just because your website or Google didn’t understand normally Hindi Font (say Kruti Dev).

So how others make their website in Hindi?

In this tutorial, you find the answer to this question.

Let’s Start:
If you simply copy your Hindi text and paste it to your website it will not work. Why? Because Website's only understood Unicode converted Font/Text
So first you have to Convert your Kruti Dev font to Unicode and then paste it to your website. (It doesn’t take any time to convert it. Also, converts without any application).

  1. CLICK HERE to go to Kruti-Dev Converter site. (You can also convert your Unicode converted text to Kruti Dev back from this site).
  2. Paste copied text in 2nd box as shown in the figure.
  3. Then click on “Kruti Dev to Unicode >>”. And the converted text will show in the 1st box.
  4. Now you can copy this text and paste it your website.


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