Trick: How to Secretly hide files and folders by Command Prompt

How to Secretly Hide Files and Folders by Command Prompt

How to Secretly Hide Files and Folders by Command Prompt
Command Prompt (cmd)
This is very awesome and simple trick if want to hide your files and folders from any other guy.
In school/college you can play with this trick with your friend to make fool of him by hiding his/her important programs.

This is not as same as like
  • Go to Properties.
  • Check Hidden Box.
  • and you are done, file will hide and if someone clicks "View Hidden files & Folders" then it will shown up again. 
No. This trick prevents your file/folder from shown up easily to other guy.
Nowadays everyone knows how to unhide files/folders. But if you hide you file via this method then only you can unhide it.

AWARE -: Don't forget the name of file/folder which you are going to hide otherwise you can't unhide or find it.

This is something different and if you are a computer science student then you might know this trick
"How to Secretly Hide Files and Folders via Command Prompt".

Let's begin......

Suppose you want to hide your file (image1.jpg) which is in Local Disk (D:)
Follow these steps to hide/unhide your file easily.
  1. Press ( Windows + R ) to open RUN dialog box.
  2. Type cmd to open Command Prompt. Black screen appears (See in fig.).
  3. To hide image type
    attrib +s +h D:\image1.jpg
    . By doing so your image from Local Disk (D:) will hide secretly. 
  4. You can check that by Check this BoxView Hidden Files/Folders”. But your image will not show. 
  5. Now to Unhide this, type
    attrib -s -h D:\image1.jpg
  6. You are done. The image will unhide again.
attrib +s +h D:\image1.jpg
After Hiding Image

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